In early 2013, Armstrong Fluid Technology embarked on a sustainability journey which began with the formulation of a charter titled the ‘Planet Proposition’.

Armstrong’s Leadership Board signed up to the charter and champions have been empowered at each of our global locations (Canada, USA, China, India, UK). The focus has been for the selected champions to communicate the aims and benefits of the ‘Planet Proposition’ program, and seek active involvement and commitment at all levels of the organisation.

Armstrong defines a sustainable business as an enterprise that measures its success based not only on economic gain but also on their achievements in preserving the environment and bettering humanity, particularly among our employees and the communities they call home. This approach integrates the three pillars of sustainability — the economical, environmental and social dimensions — and inspires the three key tenets of our Planet Proposition.

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Planet Proposition

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First and foremost, by delivering value to our customers, we create a sustainable business model which produces innovative energy saving solutions for the building services industry. The way we achieve an added value solution is through our Design Envelope Technology. This holistic approach to fluid flow management ensures the harmonization required to create the most energy efficient solution available. In addition to our technology, we work closely with our supply chain to continuously improve and reduce the environmental impact of our production processes and the materials we use.





We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations. Company wide initiatives include efforts to reduce fuel use, energy consumption, water use and waste to landfill. Of the waste we do amass, the aim is to increase the proportion of waste that is recycled. We are ISO 14001 certified at all of our locations. We also continue to develop innovative energy solutions, as well as producing case studies and white papers to help our customers reduce their environmental impact. 

Armstrong Environmental policy


carbon footprint reduction target – 2 by 22

Armstrong announced a bold initiative in 2018, to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions among its global customer base by 2 million tons, targeting completion by the year 2022.

In January of 2022, we proudly announced that we had reached and surpassed that lofty goal. In the process we’ve helped customers save 2.5 billion kWh of electricity usage, resulting in more than $300 million in cost savings. Achieving this goal is the equivalent of taking 485,000 cars off the road for a year, or off-setting the average annual CO2 emissions generated by 100,000 people.

2 by 22 summary video is available here.








kWh electricity
$US Total
Tonnes of CO2 equivalent
Total carbon savings equal to cars off the road for one year

Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment

The Net Zero Commitment was launched by the World Green Building Council and positions energy efficiency as a central component to achieving decarbonisation globally. In signing the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment, Armstrong has pledged to ensure our entire portfolio of buildings operates at net zero carbon by the year 2030.


Our aim is to create a working environment that values, inspires and empowers our employees. Training programs linked to personal development plans are essential in ensuring that all employees thrive in a learning environment that not only benefits the business, but helps individuals meet and exceed their aspirations.



Global Initiatives

As part of our Planet Proposition, we are committed to reducing monthly electricity, gas and water consumption in our manufacturing plants around the world. Our first step in this direction was to implement a programme of energy monitoring which automatically gathers and displays current and historical consumption on our Eco-Pulse platform. Since 2013, this has enabled us to trend patterns of use in each region and to identify and fix anomalies as they occurred. Over the last few years, the Planet Proposition teams have driven a great range of successful projects that are helping us to meet our reduction targets.

Our 2 by 22 program helped customers reduce energy use and provide leadership to the industry. Check out the results here.

For more information on our annual objectives, progress and success stories, please refer to the latest Sustainability Report in the Documents section of this page.

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