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Design and Consulting phase

New-Build Projects

Armstrong can help you create a detailed plan for your mechanical systems and help you minimize costs. Our solutions have been shown to reduce MEP construction costs by $3 per sq ft.

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System Design Support

We can provide optimized plant layouts and drawings using the latest CAD and BIM platforms. Installations using our Design Assist service deliver 30% better results in project timelines, cost reduction and energy efficiency compared to traditional approaches.

Catalogue-based packaged systems
Engineered-to-order packaged systems

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HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Safety applications

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Equipment specifications

We provide detailed, accurate 3D CAD file and BIM files, as well as complete specification data, materials of construction and performance curves. Files are available in 16 CAD formats for both ANSI/NEMA and DIN/IEC markets.

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Product Selection Support

Perfect component match-up and integration supports optimum system performance and reduces operating costs.

Our industry-leading online tool, ADEPT Select, allows users to size and select with ease and accuracy. Through ADEPT, users can choose any Armstrong offering including:

Automation and control solutions
Mechanical component solutions
Packaged systems solutions
Performance management
Services and replacement parts

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Application Engineering

Based on the requirements of your application, Armstrong will guide the configuration and selection of optimal solutions. We can save you hours of searching and comparing with detailed selections for your project.

Our dedicated regional teams of experts will save you hours of design work and eliminate any concerns over system performance.

Design assistance
Design validation
Solution configuration and selection

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When the designs for the building and the mechanical systems are completed, the project moves on to the next phase, and we begin the process of sourcing, manufacturing and assembly.

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Active Performance Management (APM) service contract:  English  French
Performance upgrade for legacy Design Envelope pumps

HVAC Performance Drift


It happens faster than you think, and costs you a lot more.

On site service
Technical support
Genuine Armstrong Parts Kit

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On-site service for your HVAC, plumbing and fire systems. Please contact us to discuss any related service opportunities.

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