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Performance Upgrade and Optimization

We can provide you with a set of recommendations that will serve as a roadmap for your upgrading system assets.


Site Analysis

As part of the site assessment we complete a detailed energy audit, both plantwide and at a component level to gather crucial insights on system performance.

Decades of research and innovation has given us an analytical understanding of the relationship between flow and fluid-based system performance. We use this understanding to analyze and optimize each system’s flow and energy profiles.

The site assessment service informs asset upgrade decisions, leading to substantial savings. Acting on our recommendations, building owners commonly save up to 40% on HVAC system energy usage and up to 90% on plumbing system energy usage. How and why are those kinds of savings possible?

Most mechanical systems are oversized
Design conditions are constantly shifting
Performance drift in mechanical systems and components is a constant

Most building owners are unaware of the energy losses caused by these 3 factors, which leaves them unaware of the capital and operating savings available

Services available as part of a site analysis include:

Site walk-through
Energy and efficiency analysis
Recommendations for an upgrade path
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Asset Upgrade Roadmap

An asset upgrade is rarely a small project. Many asset upgrade projects are repeatedly deferred because of the large initial investment. This often leads to emergency service or asset replacement purchases that end up costing far more than a well-planned upgrade project would have.

Asset upgrade planning should be viewed as a journey, rather than a single step. With proper planning, the savings from each step in the upgrade program can be used to fund later steps. Because we supply intelligent, connected devices, the data gathered from operation helps to inform future equipment decisions. With accurate data on system operation, in many instances right-sizing the replacement equipment means selecting smaller, less expensive components. To create this value cycle, our proposals include a roadmap to help you plan the journey to peak performance, optimized efficiency and the lowest overall costs.

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Energy and Performance Retrofits

Upgrade your system with simple solutions to enable Active Performance Management

Upgrade to an intelligent pump solution

We offer a unique retrofit solution that upgrades constant-speed Armstrong Vertical In-Line pumps to Design Envelope intelligent and connected devices, with minimal downtime and disruption

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Replace legacy pumps

DEPC Retrofit is a no-hassle upgrade to an existing Design Envelope pump that gives you all the benefits of the latest control interface, connectivity and Pump Manager.

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Upgrade Booster systems

Save up to 90% of your booster energy. Upgrade to a Design Envelope booster system and align energy consumption with actual water demand.

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Optimize chiller plant performance

OPTI-VISOR™ is an optimization service that interfaces seamlessly with the existing Building Automation Systems to harmonize chiller plant operation and save up to 40% in central plant energy.

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Optimize cooling tower performance

TOWERMAX is an optimization service that delivers maximum energy and water savings from your existing cooling tower and pumps.

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HVAC Performance Drift


It happens faster than you think, and costs you a lot more.

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