Global Initiatives

As part of our Planet Proposition, we are committed to reducing monthly electricity, gas and water consumption in our manufacturing plants around the world. Our first step in this direction was to implement a programme of energy monitoring which automatically gathers and displays current and historical consumption on our Eco-Pulse platform. Since 2013, this has enabled us to trend patterns of use in each region and to identify and fix anomalies as they occurred. Over the last few years, the Planet Proposition teams have driven a great range of successful projects that are helping us to meet our reduction targets.

Our 2 by 22 program helped customers reduce energy use and provide leadership to the industry. Check out the results here.

For more information on our annual objectives, progress and success stories, please refer to the latest Sustainability Report in the Documents section of this page.

Energy audits

Energy Analysis

We thoroughly examine how and where energy is being used in your business and buildings and then tell you exactly where efficiencies and savings can be found.

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More Tools

We assist you with your day-to-day tasks: calculate cost savings and payback, identify and select optimal equipment, manage and track your orders, and more.

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