Diversity and Inclusion Statement

As a global organization operating in over 40 countries, Armstrong is proud of our rich tapestry of ethnicity, origin and gender that makes us stronger every day. We believe that balanced diversity and inclusion practices yield broader perspectives and stimulate better understanding, learning and innovation. Our leaders are trained and encouraged to value diversity and to build teams with a rich variety of skills and competencies.

The Armstrong Values of Community, Service, Learning and Innovation guide our policy and thinking about diversity and inclusion in the workplace:


  • Our Community will strive to be diverse and inclusive
  • While in Service, we commit to shining a light on injustice and inequality and supporting those in need
  • Our passion for Learning & Innovation will drive us to understand where we can improve and where we must make the changes necessary


Armstrong will continue to lead with our Values to inspire our leaders to be better, to equalize the playing field and to remove ceilings for all people.

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