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Data center design, specifically in data center cooling solutions demands expertise. Armstrong has helped datacentres at all Tier levels meet these challenges and thrive in a hyper-competitive environment.


With packaged solutions from Armstrong, you get reduced on site coordination requirements, improved quality through factory testing and shortened project timelines.


With increased confidence in your demand-response cooling capacity, you could reduce cooling costs by raising your server room temperature

power utilization (pue)

You know your numbers, and you know the industry metrics. There are still opportunities to improve the efficiency of your cooling systems and reduce your costs.

Redundancy and Uptime targets

Armstrong offers an advanced approach to redundancy. We work closely with customers to understand their redundancy needs, cooling loads and flow demands. Parallel Redundancy selections leverage the capabilities for Armstrong solutions to combine the pumping capacity of multiple units to provide redundancy and ensure uptime.


Every day added to your construction schedule is costly. Changing your construction process can shorten project timelines and reduce your time-to-market.

compliance & public affairs

Data centers may soon be asked to report on energy usage and carbon footprint. Get ahead of legislative requirements by taking a leading role in both operating efficiency and reporting practices.


Efficiency in data center rack cooling depends on variable output of the data center cooling unit to match the heat load exactly. Our experience in developing all variable, demand-based cooling solutions, coupled with design envelope technology makes Armstrong your best choice for your data center construction project.

future-proofing your competitive advantage

Invest up-front in high-efficiency systems and a modular design approach, so you can position your facility for sustained competitive advantage, better financial performance and longer operating life.


Intelligent Solutions

Armstrong is a leader in offering HVAC solutions with built-in onboard trending and diagnostics as well as real-time performance management capabilities, easy Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with major BMS protocols

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

With increasing public awareness of sustainability issues, data center design projects may soon be required to meet efficiency standards. For forward-thinking managers, there's an opportunity to get ahead of industry requirements by taking a leadership role in both efficiency and reporting practices.

Armstrong's data center cooling solutions offer both leading efficiency and advanced performance tracking capabilities to support sustainability initiatives and make efficiency improvements transparent.

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