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Armstrong ultra-efficient fluid management solutions for data centers are currently being used by some of the world’s leading Hyperscale and Co-Location providers. See how Armstrong’s data center solutions provides resilience at lower cost, delivers peak power reduction and increase cooling density.

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Integration for Real-time

No one can match Armstrong for system integration and performance management in data center cooling solutions. We can accelerate your construction timelines, boost cooling efficiencies and build a sustainable competitive advantage for your organization

rapid deployment

Meet and exceed installation and upgrade schedules.

Your key solution: Factory assembled packaged systems

With off-site manufacture of packaged, modular HVAC plants, Armstrong can shorten your time-to-market. We take on responsibility for sizing, selecting, sourcing, receiving and assembling all the components and then testing the completed package. You enjoy the benefits of single source responsibility, and you can have your new facility operating sooner than you thought.

Design Envelope EVERCOOLTM

The Armstrong Design Envelope EVERCOOL system is an integrated automation and optimization solution for data center cooling systems. EVERCOOL meets the Uptime Institute requirements for all Tiers of data centers. Innovative hot-swap capability ensures uptime and the platform has been standardized for quick delivery and deployment.

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Automation Excellence for all Datacenter Tiers

The crucial function for assuring uptime and performance is automation of component control for system optimization and asset management excellence.

Armstrong’s series of control and automation solutions leverage available data, technology and communications protocols to automate chilled water systems for the reliability demanded by mission critical systems plus extended operating life and maximum energy efficiency.

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Uptime and Scalability

  • Drive cooling system availability
  • Respond quickly to changing cooling requirements

Your key solution: Performance reliability and modular design

Armstrong Design Envelope solutions are known for performance reliability and fast maintenance. So you can count on reaching your targets for uptime.

Design Envelope technology, combined with our industry-leading packaging capabilities gives you the performance and vendor support you need.

Design Envelope 9521 Integrated Plant Control System

The IPC 9521 is an automated chiller plant controller for optimizing variable-primary flow, water-cooled chiller plants. The IPC 9521 keeps the entire plant running smoothly, including water-cooled chillers, cooling towers, chilled water and condenser pumps.

IPC9521 data center cooling automation and optimization controls
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Our high-efficiency systems have been installed all around the world. Take a look at some of our case studies from recent installations. 

Anacostia Station

a transportation facility

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an industrial facility

Download the case study

Digital Realty

a data center facility

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