Plant level automation solutions are evolving rapidly to provide building owners and operators with ways to do more with less.

  • More comfort with less energy consumption
  • More capacity with less capital investment
  • More transparency without data overload
  • More system resilience with less complexity

Through design innovation and optimization of system-wide efficiency, the Armstrong family of Design Envelope automation platforms can:

Deliver the lowest possible installed cost
Support carbon reduction initiatives
Reduce your project risk
Deliver higher levels of comfort

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Every Armstrong Design Envelope automation platform delivers transparency through digitalized, demand-based control methodologies and cloud-networked intelligence.

Advanced analytics tools keep operators informed on aspects of the system including service attention needed, how far off the plant is from expected performance, and specific actions required to bring the plant back to the expected operating level.

This is an active approach that ensures the performance of the site is managed to protect the owner's investment. With Active Performance ManagementTM, we believe every owner deserves this transparency.

During building design, chiller plants are typically expected to consume between 20-30% of a modern building's electrical energy draw.

The unfortunate reality is that, after 2 years of operations, operating conditions drift to the point that up to 40% of building energy; is consumed by the chiller plant.

Armstrong Active Performance ManagementTM solutions are able to reverse this drift and reduce the energy consumption of the chiller plant, while improving occupant comfort.  In some cases the performance improvements 50% less energy consumption on an annual basis.

Solutions such as our ECO*PULSETM Performance Management service ensure that our customers are supported with full transparency and are informed on how their building performance compares to design and community standards.

Active Performance ManagementTM solutions are available for integration at any time in the lifecycle of a building including the design phase, refurbishment, or an energy upgrade initiative.

Chilled Water Plant Applications

Large and small scale facilities can both benefit from fully automated and optimized HVAC systems

Typical building performance drift can cause loses of up to 25% of the original efficiency levels within one year of commissioning.

Buildings with fully optimized systems deliver better comfort along with improved operating efficiencies and reduced costs.

A smart choice of integrated control equipment can help you…

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Data Center Applications

As the data center market evolves and the pace of construction continues,

designers are pushed to meet demands for short timelines, speed to market and design resilience. At the same time, they are increasingly responsible for efficiency improvements. Pre-engineered to be agile, responsive, and flexible to project specific needs, find out how Armstrong’s robust automation solution can help improve the PUE of your data center cooling system.

 Check out our case study from an online retail data center facility

Energy Transfer Station Applications

For cooling and heating applications in commercial spaces or for industrial applications,

the need to move heat energy between two fluid streams can be improved by reducing pumping energy, heat exchanger sizes and applying analytics that can display the availalbe heat transfer capacity at any point in time.

Technology developments in cooling systems for large scale industrial applications present great opportunities for savings in energy and water. To improve the efficiencies of cooling tower systems, Armstrong offers advanced cooling automation systems that optimize the operation of multiple variable-speed pumps, fans and cooling towers or fluid coolers for maximum efficiency.

District Energy Applications

Buildings in municipalities and campuses are dependent on district energy networks to meet their heating and cooling needs.

 Armstrong's integrated automation & optimization solutions help this mega-infrastructure to be responsive to the demand of growing load and ensure every single building on the grid is satisfied. Our offerings optimize the efficiency of all connected devices and minimize electrical power converted to heat energy.

Check out our case study from Whirlpool

Boiler Plant Applications

Industry professionals are always searching for ways to improve their results.

Reducing project costs, minimizing risk and improving occupant comfort are top priorities, and the pressure to meet all of these objectives at the same time is a constant reality. Armstrong offers a comprehensive automation solution to help you make the most of the improvement potential in your boiler plant. Our technologies allow building equipment and control networks to meet and exceed industry codes for variable speed pump operation.