4600 Horizontal Split-Case Base-Mounted Pumps

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4600 horizontal split-case base-mounted pump
4600 horizontal split-case base-mounted pump Sideview
4600 Horizontal Split Case (HSC) Pumps Line Drawing

  • Summary
  • Applications

    HVAC-system pumping; light industrial/ process pumping

  • Description

    The Armstrong 4600 horizontal split-case (HSC) double suction pumps are base mounted and engineered to substantially reduce cost over rival designs across installation, operation, and lifetime maintenance. High-efficiency NEMA-premium motors ensure low energy consumption and cost.

  • Materials
    • Cast-iron, or ductile iron casing
  • Configuration

    Inside single spring mechanical seal

  • Performance range

    Up to 7,000 USgpm (440 L/s) flow; up to 600 ft (180 m) head

  • Temperature

    225°F (107°C)

  • Power Range

    1.5 hp to 500 hp (1.1 kW to 400 kW)

  • Size

    4" to 10" (100 mm to 250 mm)

Low installed cost

  •  ANSI/HI 1.3.5 rigid free-standing baseplate eliminates grouting

Low energy consumption

  • Armstrong 4600 pumps are equipped with high-efficiency NEMA-premium motors for significant reduction in energy consumption and cost

  • Tilted-parting concept to maximize efficiency and reduce inlet turbulence 
  • All motors are suitable for inverter-fed service



Low maintenance cost

  •  Leaking seals or noisy bearings can be serviced in minutes without disturbing other components
  • No lubrication or seal adjustments required 
  •  Integral bearing nut for easy bearing removal and re-use 
  •  Mechanical seals and bearings can be replaced easily without opening the pump casing 
  •  Unique cartridge design mechanical seal that uses a standard replacement seal 
  •  Universal replacement seals, bearings, and motors available locally world-wide
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