ARMPak 8200 Packaged Pumping Systems

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ARMPak 8200 Packaged Pumping Systems

  • Summary
  • Applications

    Heating and cooling, plumbing and waste water, especially in tight spaces in mechanical rooms where parallel pumping is needed with or without optional standby pump

  • Description

    The Armstrong 8200 ARMPak pumping packages are specifically designed to meet the requirements of chilled water and heating water systems in commercial buildings. They are available in duplex and triplex configurations, with fixed or variable speed control. Suitable for space constrained installation, parallel pumping and optional stand-by pump

  • Configuration

    4280V or 4200V pumps, Flo-Trex valves, optional IPS controls and variable frequency drive(s) with bypasses, NEMA 1 control panel (including gauges and interconnecting piping), headers, valves, and fittings

  • Size

    3”, 4” and 6” header sizes

Low installed cost

  • Duplex and triplex configurations plus fixed or variable-speed control options for easy adaptation to system load, control, and space requirements 
  • Integral header and base for easy and compact installation 
  • Mix and match of multiple ARMPak units enables mechanical room space optimization

Seamless system communication

  • Variable-speed ARMPak controls include pre-installed terminal blocks for seamless connectivity and communication between multiple units




Low project and operating risk

  • Pumping package and controls are UL listed for maximum operating security 
  • Optional stand-by pump for constant system availability during maintenance or unexpected failures

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