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Design Envelope 4280 End Suction Pumps

Product Image
Design Envelope 4280 Close-Coupled Horizontal End Suction Pumps - Isometric view
Design Envelope 4280 Close-Coupled Horizontal End Suction Pumps - Line drawing

  • Summary
  • Applications

    HVAC-system pumping and control; general purpose pumping; industrial/ process pumping and control (water or glycol based)

  • Description

    Base mounted end-suction horizontal pumping unit with integrated intelligent controls for easier installation and superior energy performance. Saves up to 75% in energy over comparable traditional constant speed or variable frequency operated pump installations. Units up to 10hp (7.5kW) include integral vibration isolators.

  • Materials
    • Cast-iron or ductile iron casing / ductile iron e-coated casing on units 1-10hp
    • Bronze or stainless steel impeller on units 1-10hp
    • Sintered silicon carbide mechanical seal
  • Configuration

    On-board Intelligent Variable Speed controls with Sensorless control. Controls enclosure UL Type 12 (IP55) indoor applications. 1-10hp (0.75-7.5 kW) range standard with Design Envelope permanent magnet (DEPM) motors that reduce losses by more than 20% over NEMA Premium efficiency. Network capable for remote performance management services.

  • Performance range

    25 to 1000 USgpm (1.5 to 63 L/s) flow; 10 to 160 ft (3 to 48 m) head (composite curves available)

  • Temperature

    250oF (121oC)

  • Power Range

    1 hp to 10 hp (0.75 kW to 7.5 kW)

  • Size

    1.25" to 6" discharge (32 mm to 150 mm)

Lowest First Installed and Lifecycle Operating Cost

  • Integral vibration isolation eliminates the need for inertia bases or baseplates for base-mounted installations
  • Split-coupling design enables easy seal service without removal of pump or motor
  • Active Performance Management through internet connectivity provides lowest lifecycle operating cost
  • No inertia base required for lower installed cost (for 1-10hp only)
Design Envelope

Lowest installed cost. Lowest operating cost.


Lowest Project and Operating Risk

  • Integrated intelligent controls provide fast and easy commissioning as well as reduced radio frequency interference/ improved electromagnetic compatibility
  • Balance rotor design, soft start controls, direct coupling to motor, and reduced overall weight minimize transmission of vibration
  • Optional sediment filters or separators for extended seal life in contaminated systems
  • Single-source responsibility for optimum design and field support
  • Independent operation through embedded Sensorless control or in conjunction with a building automation system (BAS)
  • Design meets ASHRAE 90.1 noise and vibration control recommendations – isolating transmission of vibration between the piping, pump and floor of the building
  • Energy savings through new hydraulics and intelligent motor (for 1-10hp only)



Lowest environmental cost

  • New hydraulics included in Armstrong intelligent motors (PM Motors) in the 1-10hp range provides up to 30% in energy savings.
  • Choose 50:50 of design flow with embedded parallel sensorless control for additional energy savings through best efficiency staging
  • Integrated intelligent controls – combined with perfect component match-up and tuning – for up to 75% in energy savings over traditional constant speed and variable frequency operated pump installations

lowest Lifecyle operating cost

  • Active Performance Management through internet connectivity on all Design Envelope pumps for lowest Lifecyle operating cost.

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