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Design Envelope 6900 DualPAK Boosters

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  • Summary
  • Applications

    New and retrofit water boosting installations in mid-size residential, commercial, or industrial settings (such as apartment buildings, office towers, hospitals, hotels, schools, water treatment plants, factories, etc.)

  • Description

    Armstrong 6900 Design Envelope Boosters are fully assembled, programmed, integrated and factory-tested turn-key booster systems. They are equipped with either close coupled or split coupled dualARM pumps including integrated controls for superior performance and energy efficiency across broad operating envelopes. Most suitable for applications where energy consumption and low maintenance are critical, installation space comes at a premium, and occupant comfort is a high priority.

  • Performance range

    Refer to envelope charts for exact coverage

  • Power Range

    Up to 7.5 hp (close coupled pumps), up to 20 hp (split coupled pumps)

Lowest installed cost

  • Very compact design for fast and easy installation in areas where space comes at a premium
  • Integrated intelligent controls eliminate procurement and installation costs (mounting, wiring, calibration) for standalone variable frequency drives
  • Expertly staggered product line featuring broad high-performance envelopes for perfect pump match-up especially in retrofit situations
  • Superior energy performance qualifies for significant cost recovery under utility and government rebate programs
Design Envelope

Lowest installed cost. Lowest operating cost.


Lowest operating cost

  • Integrated intelligent controls – combined with perfect component match-up and tuning – for up to 70% in energy savings over traditional constant speed and hybrid booster systems
  • Advanced software features and operating routines substantially reduce maintenance requirements (e.g. uniform load distribution across all pumps avoids pump overloading and premature failure; controlled soft-fill mitigates water hammer and related plumbing system damages)

Lowest environmental cost

  • 70% decrease in energy consumption reduces operational greenhouse gas emissions by the same amount
  • Factory assembled system packs and ships more economically for reduced packaging waste compared to individual component shipments



Lowest project and operating risk

  • High-efficiency performance envelopes allow for a performance comfort zone around the preliminary design point, enabling swift and easy adaptation to changing design, site or operating conditions
  • Integrated intelligent controls afford fast and easy commissioning
  • Booster design complies with all ASHRAE 90.1 requirements. Wetted parts meet low–lead criteria for full NSF product certification
  • Single source-responsibility for optimum design and field support
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