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Design Envelope EVERCOOL™

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  • Summary
  • Applications

    Air-cooled or water-cooled chilled water system automation for data centers

  • Description

    The Armstrong Design Envelope EVERCOOL system is an integrated automation and optimization solution for data center chiller plants. Designed to meet the Uptime Institute requirements for all Tiers of data centers, this mission critical platform has also been standardized for speed to market and quick deployment.

  • Configuration

    Integrates with all brands of chillers, pumps, and automation systems. Installs directly with chiller plant equipment. If preferred, the EVERCOOL connects with any data center information management (DCIM) system or central building automation system (BAS).

  • Performance range

    Standardized solution controls up to six chillers, six cooling towers, six chilled water pumps, six condenser water pumps (when applicable) and redundant sensors and valves.
    Project-specific requirements may include free-cooling, water-side economizer, chilled water storage tanks, etc.
    No limitations in plant size and cooling capacity.

Saves Design time by up to 25 %

  • Pre-engineered, pre-programmed, pre-tested
  • Scalability through modular design
  • Leading time-to-market due to standardized design
  • Additional customizable and extended features
Design Envelope

Lowest installed cost. Lowest operating cost.


Reduces site work by up to 30 %

  • Eliminates the need for on-site programming
  • Proven sequence of operation reduces site commissioning time
  • Built-in redundancy eliminates the need for additional wiring and the installation of relays

Reduces data center cooling plant energy costs by up to 40 %

  • Demand based control
  • Feedforward optimization
  • Patented Parallel Control optimization
  • Energy and water usage are reduced by optimizing the operation of the entire cooling plant



Robust Fault-tolerant architecture eliminates risks

  • Bumpless Hot-Standby Automation
  • Modular and expandable to meet the redundancy requirements for each project’s requirements

Active Performance Management reduces equipment life cycle cost by up to 25%

  • Enables Condition Based Maintenance
  • CBM approach is documented to save 25% of the equipment life cycle cost
  • Improves equipment life span

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