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Design Envelope Fire Pump Unit

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  • Summary
  • Applications

    Warehouses, Data Centers, High Rise Buildings, Pharma companies, Retrofit opportunities

  • Description

    This product is designed, assembled, and tested to meet the Self-Regulating Variable Speed Fire Pump Unit, as described in NFPA 20 – 2019 Edition. A factory-built integrated fire pump unit consisting of pump, driver, and variable speed control unit, configured to maintain the set pressure until the maximum power draw is reached while acting as a variable speed pressure limiting control and/or a variable speed suction limiting control.

  • Materials

    Ductile Iron Casing
    Packed seals
    Stainless Steel or Bronze Impeller (Material will be chosen at the manufacturers discretion to optimize performance)

  • Configuration

    50 Hz and 60 Hz designs. UL, ULC, and/or FM certified solutions available (Pending approval)

  • Performance range

    300 USGPM -1500 USGPM

  • Temperature

    Maximum ambient temperature + 50°C

  • Power Range

    Minimum – 20 Hp (50 Hz) 30 Hp (60 Hz)
    Maximum – 250 Hp (50 Hz) 150 Hp (60 Hz)

Lowest Installed cost

  • Reduced number of PRV’s
  • Allows for a safer, more reliable sprinkler system design at a lower cost through reduced reliance on PRV's
  • Fire pump controller starting type – Across the line
  • Simpler Installed VIL fire pumps as compared to HSC fire pump
Design Envelope

Lowest installed cost. Lowest operating cost.


Reduce System maintenance cost

  • Reduced maintenance costs due to fewer PRV's Installed.
  • Overall cost savings by reduced system testing.

Flexibility in System design

  • For varying suction pressure,
  • Simplified Design with fewer components,
  • Space Savings in the pump room (as compared to HSC Fire pump)
  • PRV Installation Elimination of drain requirements
  • Elimination of safety factors for supply pressure variation

Transparency of Operating performance

  • Increased reliability and safety.
  • Municipal supply pressure data points
  • Electronic data capture of pump operation
  • Recorded test data
  • Pump analytics
  • Timely notifications for impending issues
  • Analytical Insights
  • Condition based maintenance

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