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ECO*Pulse™ HVAC Health Management

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ECO Pulse

  • Summary
  • Applications

    HVAC chilled water plants in commercial and industrial buildings using Armstrong IPC and Opti-Visor™ products

  • Description

    ECO*Pulse™ is a subscription-based HVAC health management service for improving and maintaining chilled water plant performance and energy efficiency. ECO*Pulse™ provides invaluable insights and alerts to help diagnose problems before they become critical.

  • Configuration

    Installs on Armstrong IPC and Opti-Visor™ products

Lowest operating and environmental cost

  • Real-time diagnostics, daily energy efficiency summary, and practical recommendations for maintaining plant efficiency at its optimum for best energy, carbon, and cost performance (a 5% efficiency decline in a 1000 ton chilled water plant can increase annual operating cost by $10,000 or more!)
  • Identification of plant performance issues in their infancy for swift response and preventative maintenance avoiding unexpected system failure or damage
  • Automated reports and notifications combined with intuitive web-based user interface reduces effort and resources dedicated to system management

Design Envelope

Lowest installed cost. Lowest operating cost.


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