Engineered-to-Order Packaged Systems

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Engineered to Order Packaged Systems
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  • Summary
  • Applications

    Pre-fabricated HVAC systems for a variety of applications including chiller plants, boiler plants, pumping stations, energy transfer stations, cooling tower applications, fire pump systems, and water-based process applications.  

  • Description

    Armstrong pre-fabricated HVAC Systems include a combination of: structural, process equipment, controls, electrical gear, and even environmental enclosures that are designed and fabricated to customer specifications.  In addition, the program offers a full range of catalogued pre-engineered designs selectable from our on-line software – which includes 2D and 3D CAD files for immediate drag-and-drop into mechanical room designs.

    Engineered to order (custom) HVAC Systems such as Fluid Management Systems, Heat Transfer Packages, and Packaged Plant Rooms can be ordered by contacting your local representative.

  • Performance range

    System capabilities address process requirements up to header sizes of 36” (900 mm), and multiple fluid streams with parallel or serial configurations

  • Temperature

    Systems can be designed for indoor or outdoor applications in environments ranging from -40oF (-40oC) up to +120oF (52oC)  

  • Power Range


  • Size


Lowest installed cost

  • Armstrong HVAC System designs and full factory integration reduce the onsite civil structure as well as process superstructure requirements. Off-site fabrication also cuts on-site overhead costs and risks associated with traditional field fabrications, such as project management, logistical coordinators, insurance costs, losses through damaged components, or penalties due to missed commissioning dates

  • Design Assist optimizes HVAC system layouts across all system components (piping, boilers, chillers, pumping configuration) freeing up valuable building/mechanical room space for other purposes

Design Envelope

Lowest installed cost. Lowest operating cost.


Lowest energy consumption and operating cost

  • All system components are managed in concert along their most optimal combined system performance for maximum energy efficiency at all times

Lowest project risk

  • Off-site factory design, build and testing substantially mitigate spending- and scheduling risks ensuring projects being completed on time and on budget



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