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Factory Service Plan

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Factory service plan

  • Summary
  • Applications

    Complement to Armstrong IPP and IPC installations for carefree chiller plant operation

  • Description

    The Factory Service Plan is a program of regular reviews, inspections and upgrades for maintaining and preserving HVAC system efficiency and operating life

  • Configuration

    Service offering

  • Performance range

    No limitations in covered plant size and capacity

Increased plant reliability

  • Continued alignment of mechanical and software systems for reducing unwanted mechanical stresses in the system 
  • Early identification of mechanical wear and tear for better planning of pre-emptive repairs or component replacements

Sustained energy efficiency

  • Regular reviews, inspections and software upgrades for keeping plant energy performance at an optimum



Informed operating staff

  • Annual building operator training for retaining staff engagement and effectiveness

Improved recovery from unexpected issues

  • Off-site backup of system performance parameters and settings for fast system reboot after potential plant issues on-site

  • Preferential emergency response and assistance from Armstrong Fluid Technology
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