FirePak Vertical In-Line 

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FirePak VIL Isometric View

  • Summary
  • Applications

    Fire-protection of buildings and other built infrastructure

  • Description

    The Armstrong Vertical In-line (VIL) FirePak line features the full range of VIL fire pumps with electric motor and controller. All mounted, piped, and wired on a base at the factory. The complete package is designed to fit through a standard door.

  • Materials

    Metal base, piping, pump, and control panel; switchgear; electric motor

  • Configuration

    Options available include jockey pump and jockey pump controller. 50 Hz and 60 Hz designs. UL, ULC, and/or FM certification

  • Performance range

    50 – 1500 USgpm

Lowest installed cost and smallest footprint

  • Factory configured and assembled for up to 30% lower cost and up to 90% less installation time over separate supply and installation of equivalent components
  • Pre-assembled package eliminates on-site inertia base, installation waste, and motor-pump alignments
  • Vertical motor positioning requires up to 60% less floor space compared to horizontal-split-case designs. Suitable for tight spaces not accessible to other fire pump configurations
Design Envelope

Lowest installed cost. Lowest operating cost.


Minimal project and operating risk

  • Complete pre-assembled package fully certified under UL, ULC, and/or FM (as per NFPA 20 guidelines) for carefree site approval
  • Product design, assembly and testing in a controlled ISO 14000 certified factory environment for trouble-free installation and lifetime performance
  • Single-source responsibility for convenient project and product support

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