Flo-Trex Valves 

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Flo-Trex Valve Isometric

  • Summary
  • Applications

    HVAC-system pumping; general purpose pumping; industrial/ process pumping (water or glycol based).

  • Description

    The Armstrong Flo-Trex Valves (FTV) are multi-function pump fittings that reduce equipment and installation costs

  • Materials

    Cast iron, ductile iron; grooved, flanged or threaded connections

  • Performance range

    Suitable for all Armstrong commercial pumps

  • Temperature

    230°F (110°C)

  • Size

    1.25” to 20” (32 mm to 500 mm)

Lower installed cost

  • Replacement of long-radius elbows, non-return check valves, globe valves and/ or butterfly valves for reduced material and labor cost 
  • Fewer pipe connections, down from six (or more) to three for reduced labor cost
Design Envelope

Lowest installed cost. Lowest operating cost.


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