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Design Envelope OPTI-POINT™

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  • Summary
  • Applications

    HVAC chilled water plants in commercial and industrial buildings using Armstrong Design Envelope IPC 9521

  • Description

    OPTI-POINTTM is a subscription-based patented self-learning optimization technology that enables Active Performance Management by creating the digital twin of a system and learning its characteristics in real time.

    When enabled on an IPC 9521, OPTI-POINT saves energy, reduces water consumption, optimizes maintenance costs and improves the persistence of plant operation over time.

  • Configuration

    Enabled on Armstrong Design Envelope IPC 9521

Improves the persistence of plant operation and ensures building performance over time with:

  • Initial day one energy savings of 50% compared to traditional plant
  • Ongoing, persistent optimization retains the 25% of plant efficiency that is normally lost due to gradual drift
  • Self-learning optimization to enhance plant efficiency by an increment of 8%, which no other approach has been able to unlock before
  • Life-cycle cost savings of 30-40% with condition-based maintenance

OPTI-POINT also helps designers reducing the requirement for safety factors when sizing equipment capacity or designing with N+1 mentality, saving up to 30% of first equipment costs.



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