S&H 3-Piece Circulators

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S&H 3-Piece Circulators
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  • Summary
  • Applications

    HVAC systems, general purpose

  • Description

    The Armstrong S&H circulators now include an ECM motor option and deploy a proven fixed-speed design, which both are cost-effective, durable and easy to maintain. Models are available in the traditional sleeve-bearing design as well as the new, permanently-lubricated, maintenance-free design. 

  • Materials

    Cast iron and lead-free bronze volutes

  • Configuration

    50 Hz and 60 Hz designs

  • Performance range

    160 USgpm flow; 57 ft head 

  • Temperature

    Max fluid temp 225oF

  • Power Range

    1/12 hp to 1-1/2 hp (.06 kW – 1.12 kW)

  • Size

    3/4” – 3”

Long term trouble-free operation

  • Proven seal design made from strong and long-lasting materials for extended operating life
  • Durable and trusted design

Reduced inventory cost

  • Three piece modular construction using a universal replacement shaft & bearing module for efficient parts inventory
  • Durable and fully serviceable design for repeat pump overhauls and repairs



Easy and cost-effective servicing

  • Three piece modular construction and back pull-out design for easy replacement of wear components

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