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Savings Guarantee

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Savings Guarantee

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    Full financial coverage of predicted savings from chiller plant optimization projects using the Armstrong Design Envelope Integrated Plant Control System (IPC) 11550 or Opti-VisorTM

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    Chiller plants are the most energy and cost intensive parts of modern HVAC systems. This makes them the ideal target for any serious HVAC optimization project. Related investments can yield exceptional rates of return, however, those investments can be significant and are oftentimes considered high risk. 

    To underpin the uncompromising quality of Armstrong chiller plant optimization projects the Savings Guarantee compensates for shortfalls in the projected – and agreed upon – financial returns during the first year of operation. The Savings Guarantee is based on a professional analysis of an existing chiller plant design or installation and a related detailed improvement and implementation plan.

    In the unlikely event of a savings shortfall the Savings Guarantee pays three times the shortfall for the first year of operation, up to US$100,000!

Lowest operating cost and project risk - You save or we pay!

  • Unique combination of high-performance chiller plant equipment, control strategies, system integration, and project services for optimum energy efficiency, world-class predictive maintenance, and guaranteed savings. 
  • Unmatched level of savings commitment found nowhere else in the industry for complete project confidence.

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