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Vertical In-line – Retrofit to Design Envelope

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VIL - Retrofit to Design Envelope
VIL - Retrofit to Design Envelope
VIL - Retrofit to Design Envelope FrontView
VIL - Retrofit to Design Envelope SideView
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  • Summary
  • Applications

    HVAC-system pumping and control, general purpose pumping (water or glycol based)

  • Description

    A retrofit of an existing constant speed Armstrong Vertical In-line to a Armstrong Design Envelope Vertical In-line pump utilizing the existing casing and replacing all other components.

    Pipe-mounted with integrated intelligent controls for continued space savings and superior energy performance.  Saves up to 70% in energy compared to traditional constant speed pump installations.

  • Materials
    • Cast-iron or ductile iron casing
    • Bronze impeller
    • Sintered silicon carbide mechanical seal
  • Configuration

    On-board intelligent variable speed controls with Sensorless control.  Split coupling and outside balanced or inside single spring mechanical seal.  Controls enclosure UL type 12 or UL type 4X for outdoor applications.  

  • Performance range

    25- 25,000 US gpm (1.5 to 1500 L/S) flow, 10 – 300 ft (3 to 90m) head  (composite curves available)

  • Temperature

    Up to 300oF (150oC)

  • Power Range

    1 hp to 1250 hp (0.75 kW to 900 kW)

  • Size

    1.5” to 15” (40 mm to 400 mm)

Lowest installed cost

All the benefits of Design Envelope with an even lower installed cost.

  • The retrofit does not require pipe changes or even disconnecting the casing so no fewer hours are required for the work and no pressure test is required
  • There are savings in the product cost as there is no casing
  • The insulation does not need to be removed and replaced
  • Relative to the installation of a separate third party drive, there is no additional wiring because wiring is already available to the motor
  • Superior energy performance qualifies for utility or government rebate programs in many jurisdictions
Design Envelope

Lowest installed cost. Lowest operating cost.


Lowest operating cost

  • Integrated intelligent controls – combined with perfect component match-up and tuning – for up to 70% in energy savings when compared with the existing constant speed – constant flow application
  • Split-coupling design for easy seal change service without removal of the pump or motor

Lowest environmental cost

  • Up to 70% reduction in energy cost and associated greenhouse gas emissions
  • Keep existing casing out of landfill or recycling
  • Keep existing insulation on casing
  • Reduce shipping weight of heavy casing from foundry to assembly plant to customer




Lowest project and operating risk

  • Integrated intelligent controls for fast and easy commissioning as well as reduced radio frequency interference/improved electromagnetic compatibility
  • Independent operation through embedded Sensorless control or in conjunction with a building automation system (BAS)

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